2005 Photos

NC Ski Trip during King Day Weekend, January 2005

We rented a vacation home for the weekend to see about skiing at Beech Mountain in North Carolina and we invited Aunt Frances and cousins, Marisa and Savannah to join us.

View of Rental House at Beech Mountain
Another view of the house
Wes & Savannah on stairs where Frances and cousins stayed during trip
View of the downstairs, somewhat run down and crowded
We brought our dogs too: Summer on left and Jasper on right.
Looks like Breakfast before going out to ski
Views of surrounding countryside from top of Beech Mountain
Mom and Aunt Frances are walking away from me.
Frances & Mom pause on way down the mountain
Beech Mountain Ski Slopes
Neighboring Sugar Mountain as viewed from Beech Mountain
Getting Ready to Ski
Wes Official Ski Photo
Audry Official Ski Photo
Marisa & Audry Joint Official Ski Photo
Audry Ski Lesson
Wes Ski Lesson
Savannah Ski Lesson
Savannah on J-Bar
Wes on J-Bar
Wes on J-Bar
Starting to Exit J-Bar
Wes Exiting J-Bar. Look excited!
Kids Ski Class on the Bunny Slope
Audry & Marisa ski class
Audry gets up from fall while Mom watches
Wes & Savannah Ski Class
Wes looks like he is getting the hang of it.
Everybody falls down
Savannah Skiing
Wes Skiing
Beech Mountain Ski Slopes
Audry & Marisa on Ski Lift
Close-up of Audry & Marisa on Lift
Audry Skiing
Marisa on Ski Lift (left side)
Marisa Skiing (on left)
Audry & Marisa Skiing
Audry Turning in Skis at end of the day
Mom & Frances at Ski Slopes
Mom & Dad at ski slopes

Most of the snow was man-made on the mountain. On the last night there, it snowed really well and the kids did some sledding down the road outside our rental. Did not get any photos of that.

February 2005

Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby

Wes is a Tiger Cub doing the Pinewood Derby for the first time. Very competitive for Moms & Dads to build the fastest car.
Cars have to weigh in and be measured so they meet the rules. Then they come down this track by gravity.
Putting their cars on the track. This is a practice run.
Waiting for their heat, for their car to come down the track.
Wes’ car is the red fire truck! Dad was very proud of it.
Each car gets 3 attempts and they average the time. Wes’ car was slow. This is the first heat.
Second Heat
Final heat.
Getting cars back
No ribbons for Team Gagnon this year. Chalk it up as a learning experience.

Audry’s Project for Science Fair

I left most of the photos out since they didn’t contain anyone. Not quite sure what it was about. Perhaps she can tell.

Wes’ Science Fair Project

Which was the fastest hot-wheels car? Measure the time each takes to make it down an incline.

Wes won a prize!
All the winners that day at Riverside elementary


Audry wins “Outstanding Gifted Student of the Year” Award at Riverside

Easter, March 27

At Home
In the Hunt for Easter Eggs at St Columba’s

April 2005

Visiting Fernbank Museum during Spring Break

Wes & James Hicks
James & Greg Hicks came with us

Audry goes to Future Problem Solvers in Athens

May 2005

Wes’ Birthday Party at Skate Country

Wes with James Hicks

At Cub Scouts

Wes at Camp Mikell, Memorial Day Weekend

Passed his swim test
Back with his buddy Will!
Looks like Wes is out on this round
Time for a Creek Hike!
With Will’s Dad
Smores at the camp fire
Top Bunk in the Cabin
Hike to the Cross

June 2005

Wes at Cub Scout Camp

Wes with Colin Steinbach

At Toccoa Falls, on June 19

Swim Team

At one of the early meets
At the last meet in June
Wes and Drew are clowning around between heats
Drew later became an Olympic swimmer

July 2005

July 4 Arkansas Trip

Visited with cousin Andrew in Huntsville while driving to Arkansas for July 4 holiday