2004 Photos

Experiments for School Science Fair in February 2004

Audry tests electromagnet to pick up weights
Audry’s Equipment
Batteries, Nail, Wire and BBs
Winds Wire around Nail
Picking up BBs with single battery electromagnet
Picking up BBs with 3 battery electromagnet
Wes’ equipment for measuring gas from acid/soda reaction
Wes demonstrates how the chemical reaction works
Soda goes into bottle first
Then you pour in the vinegar into the balloon
Then you attach a balloon to start the chemical reaction
First Balloon fills
Wes measure size of expanded balloon to show how much gas it contains
Wes Records his Data
Repeats proceedure with a different amount of chemicals
Measures Second Balloon
Repeats procedure again, and measures third balloon

Snow Day, March 2004

Our House on Snow Day in March 2004
Summer has joined our family by now
Wes had a great time

School Photos Spring 2004

Easter, April 11, 2004 at St Columba’s Episcopal Church

Vacation in the Bahamas in June 2004

We stayed at the Viva Fortuna All Inclusive Resort on Grand Bahama Island. It was sort of a cross between a summer camp and a nice hotel. We came back relaxed and the kids had fun, but I’m not sure I would recommend it to other folks. We decided that 10 days was about 3 days too many to stay there. On the one day we rented a car and left the hotel, we found there wasn’t much to see on the island.

Audry & Wes in our Room
All Inclusive Dinner at the Dining Hall
Looks like Breakfast this time.
Playing Ping Pong with Audry’s new friend.
Another dinner in the dining facility
Nightly Talent Show for Kids. There was some sort of floor show in the theater every night. Theo was one of the Italians who took care of the kids during the day.
Audry loved the talent shows; Wes not as much. Susanna was the other Italian who watched the kids during the day.
Talent show was always bilingual – English & Italian

Swim Team June/July 2004

School Photos Fall 2004

Audry in 5th Grade
Wes in 1st Grade

September 2004

Wes in Cub Scouts in Suwanee Day Parade, Sept 18, 2004
Lost Both Front Teeth, Sept 21, 2004
Acolyte Meeting at St Columba’s
Dad Selfie, probably accidental
Selfie 2
Hiking at Wild Timber

Church Photos December 2004

Caroling with the Girl Scouts in Buford on December 12

Wes’ Christmas Party at School, December 14, 2004

Ms. Lloyd (in the black) gives instructions
Wes & Garrett at the Food Table
Making Cookies
Playing Bingo
Mrs Lloyd opens presents

Audry’s School Christmas Party on the same day

Making Snowmen
Sharice is next to Audry
Having her picture made
Making Cookies
Getting Snacks
Making Ornaments

Christmas Season at our House

Reading the Christmas Ads
View of the Tower from our Deck

Arkansas Trip in December 2004

Grandmom in her room
Visiting the Clinton Library in Little Rock
Replica of Clinton’s Oval Office
Grandmom at Carrie’s House in Little Rock
Remmington & Wes
At Carrie’s House – Grandmom & her Kids
Now we add the spouses
Grandmom & her Grandkids
Grandmom & Billy’s Family
Grandmom & Cal
Grandmom & Katie Marie
Roy at Carrie’s
Grandmom & Maggie’s Family
Grandmom & Us
Grandmom & Roy’s Family
Grandmom with her boys
Hailey & Audry with Cal
Joe Jr.
Let’s Eat!
Cal Asleep
Boys decide to play in Katie’s Room
Boyz gone Wild!