2003 Photos

January 2003

Taking Jasper for a Walk around the Neigborhood
At Wild Timber Playground
Got our playground installed!
Jasper Bodene probably just go off the Table on the Deck
What a rascle he was!

School Photos taken in March 2003

Audry 3rd Grade School Photo, March 2003
Wes Pre-K Photo, Spring 2003

Easter Egg Hunt at Sts Mary & Martha Episcopal Church April 2003

Easter Sunday, 2003

We invited Frances & Meg to bring their families to our house for Easter
Savannah, Audry & Marisa
Cousin Blake
Aunt Meg & Cousin Amy

Trucks at Bogan Park with Wes in April 2003

Wes’ Graduation from Pre-K on May 10, 2003

Wes Birthday Party at Chuckie Cheese following Graduation

Audry Crosses Over from Brownies to Girl Scouts, May 11, 2003

Trying Out Kindergarten in May 15, 2003

Final Pre-K Photos for Wes, on May 22, 2003

Wes’ Pre-K Class at Discovery Point, Spring 2003
Close-Up of Wes with his Pre-K Teacher

Wes & Dad at Camp Mikell, Memorial Weekend 2003

Creek Hike

Swim Team, Wild Timber Team Extreme, July 2003

First Day of School in August 2003

Getting Home at the End of the Day

Family Church Portraits at Sts Mary & Martha in October 2003

Fall 2003 School Photos

Wes in Kindergarten
Audry in 4th Grade

Disney Weekend in November 2003

MariBeth had a conference at work at a hotel in Orlando across from Downtown Disney, so we flew in with her. Her luggage wound up on a crusise to the Bahamas. We spent a day in Disney and got this photo taken.

Thanksgiving 2003

Sts Mary & Martha Episcopal Church in December 2003

Children’s Choir