2002 Photos

Audry’s Birthday Party January 9, 2002

Birthday dinner with friends at Chinese Restaurant
Back Home, Opening Presents

Audry & McKenna attend Father/Daughter Dance

Girls in Conga Line
Dads join the Conga Line
McKenna and her Dad, Paul Damato
Class Photo Spring 2002

Audry goes to work with Dad at his college, Spring 2002

Official Photo at the Reception at end of Day

Trip to Baltimore in April 2002

View of Aquarium in Inner Harbor
View of the Constellation from Inner Harbor
On Submarine Bunks while on Boat Tour at Inner Harbor
On the Deck of the Cutter
On Mess Decks, Wes getting tired
Topside of Constellation
Captain’s Quarters on Constellation
View Fire Boat from Water Taxi to Fort McHenry
On Water Taxi
Dad got offer to sell our house in New Jersey while going to Fort McHenry on Water Taxi
At Fort McHenry
Coming back from Fort McHenry on Water Taxi

Washington Trip in late April 2002

At White House
Hanging out with Dad’s Friend, Eric Palladini, in Dupont Circle

At Audry’s Piano Recital in May 2002

With her piano teacher, Ms. Anita Bona
Audry’s 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Mulherin attends recital to hear Audry
Danielle Bona was one of Wes’ Favorites in Children’s Chapel

Wes’ Fourth Birthday Party at Fuddruckers

Tumbling Recital in May 12, 2002

At Cape May New Jersey on Memorial Day 2002

That is our hotel
It was cold & windy. We mostly played in the hotel pool.

Six Flags Fall 2002

They Moved the Bulls Indoors now

At Home in Sugar Hill, Georgia, Fall 2002

Wes Pre-K School Photo, Fall 2002
Audry 3rd Grade School Photo, Fall 2002
Audry’s Room
Wes in his bedroom
We got a dog — Jasper!
Eating at the Breakfast Bar

Christmas 2002

Wes Santa Photo at Discovery Point Pre-K

Trip to Arkansas, December 2002

With Katie Marie at Uncle Joe & Aunt Maggie’s House
Heather, Donna, Remmington, Joe Jr., and Grandmom
Uncle Roy & Grandmom
Haley & Audry & Jasper
Wes & Remmington
Mom & Cousin Daniel
Little Joe, Maggie & Grandmom
Remmy, Wes, Carrie, Audry & Mikey
Uncle Joe & Katie Marie
Mom & Daniel
Snowstorm in Wild Timber, Not Sure when. Might be December 2002