2001 Photos

Fun in the New-Fallen Snow on New Years Day, 2001

Close Up

Spring 2001

Wes was very mad with us. Having a fit in a box.
Happier Times

Vacation in Ottowa, Canada, April 2001

Museum of Civilization
Museum of Civilization
Museum of Civilization
Museum of Civilization
At the Chateau Laurier Hotel
Also in the hotel
At the Dog Retreat near Parliament Hill
At the Suffragists Memorial on Parliament Hill
More Suffragists at Parliament Hill

Birthday Parties at Gems Gym in June 2001

Audry’s friend Jessica in pink with Audry working on the balance beam
Audry & Jessica balancing
Wes & Mom were there too
Wes on Steps

July 2001

Wes at Sunrise/Sunset at end of school year
Wes Swimming at Sunrise/Sunset
Hanging with Friends at Sunrise/Sunset

Our visit to NYC on July 7, 2001

On the observation platform of the Empire State Building
Outside FAO Schwartz Toy Store
Playing in Central Park
Central Park
Central Park
Inside Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History

Disney World Vacation in July 2001

In front of the Castle and statues of Mickey and Walt Disney
On Main Street
Got their ears on
Dad was ugly
In Magic Kingdom
Character Breakfast in the Contemporary Hotel
Official Breakfast Portrait
Audry Close-Up from Breakfast Portrait
Entering the Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom Dinosaur Playground
Animal Kingdom Tree of Life
In front of Tree of Life
Wes worn out after day in Animal Kingdom
Riding out to Epcot on very front of Monorail
Epcot: Audry in Undersea Suit
Wes & Dad in Undersea Suit
Epcot: Norwegian Playground Ship
Epcot: Taking a break in Germany
Still in Germany
Water scenes from around Disney
Epcot Viewing Area
At Epcot Viewing Area
Outside our hotel
In front of hotel, looking out
Entering MGM Studios
Spent a lot of time on the Fire Engine at MGM
MGM Backlot Tower
P-51 Airplane from MGM Tour
MGM Bugs Life
Waiting for the Bear in the Big Blue House show to start
Even more waiting
Finally, Bear in the Big Blue House
More MGM
Buzz and Woody
Who Want’s to be a Millionaire?
Entrance to Honey, Who Shrunk the Kids? Playground
MGM: Shrunk the Kids Playground
Wes & Dad in the Playground Webbing
Waiting in Line for Tigger is when the camcorder broke
Riding front of monorail on our last day at the park
Gotta drive a car on your last day at Disney
We watch the Parade on our last day in the park
Audry joins the 7 Dwarves
Audry joins in when the parade ends
Getting Ready to go Home to New Jersey
Riding in Style to leave Disney World Behind

August 2001

Getting Dressed Up for the Weekend Entertainment
Let’s Put on a Show!

Our House in August 2001

Visiting Beach 3 in White Meadow Lake in August

Home Again

Fall 2001

Wes School Photo at Sunrise/Sunset
Audry’s Second Grade Class at Dwyer Elementary
Official 2nd Grade Photo
Dyeing Fabric
Denville Park

Halloween 2001

Getting Ready for Halloween
Wes as Reptar!
Wes with Danielle at Church during Halloween
Reptar playing with toys at Church
Audry as Harry Potter
Audry & McKenna Damato
Mom at Work
Watching TV in Mom & Dad’s Room

Thanksgiving 2001

Getting Ready for Christmas 2001

Gingerbread House Building
Pancake Breakfast with Santa at Fire Station
At Sunrise/Sunset
Singing at the Christmas Program at Sunrise/Sunset