2000 Photos

January 2000

Getting Ready for Audry’s Birthday Party. We invited her entire Kindergarten class
The boys like Audry’s Barbie toys

Snow in New Jersey in January 2000

Sledding in the Driveway
Everybody is on the big red sled
Back inside for fun and food
203 W. Lake Shore Drive
Slippery sidewalk
Slumber Party with Mom

Spring Break at Liberty Science Center

Twin Towers behind us across NY Harbor

Spring 2000

Audry cropped from photo of entire school
Audry learns Taekwondo at Sunrise/Sunset
Wes meets the Easter Bunny
First of Several Class Photos at Sunrise/Sunset in Spring 2000
He didn’t seem to like getting his photo taken

Kindergarten Graduation in May 2000

Ms. Arico, Audry’s Kindergarten teacher, at graduation
Kindergarten Friends

Summer 2000

Father’s Day Card from Wes
Family Dining in the Driveway in July while Grandmom visited
Mom cooking on the deck. See the grill on the far side
Close-up of Mom
Same visit but during the summer carnival at the Club House. Everyone had fun!

Liberty Park, July 2000

Visiting Niagara Falls, Canada, in July 2000

Dad & Audry visit with Friends in Georgia in August 2000

while visiting Grandfather in Hospital

Audry’s Friend Griffin at Chuckie Cheese
Audry, Griffin, and Griffin’s Mom, Nina Gorolnik
Dad visits with his friend from Italy, Susanna, while taking Audry to SciTrek in Atlanta

Picnic At White Meadow Lake in August 2000

Philadelphia Vacation in August 2000

Constitution Hall
Liberty Bell
Please Touch Museum
Visiting Sesame Place on way home from Philly
Wes is enjoying Sesame Place too
Mom was at Sesame Place as well

Grandfather’s Funeral in September 2000

Aunt Audry with a Burke cousin from Alabama

Fall 2000

Official First Grade Picture
Audry on Black Bears Soccer Team, Fall 2000
At Brownies
Tries out Reptar at Sunrise/Sunset

Mike & Carrie Visit NJ in December 2000

Kids chillin downstairs watching TV after Carrie and Mike leave

Christmas Activities in December 2000

Advent Stuff
Gathered around Advent Wreath
Grandmom visits Santa with Kids

Visit to Liberty Science Center after Christmas

with neighbor kids, Alison & Jakey

Wes is crashed after all the fun.
Kids down the street had never had video in the car. Mesmerized
Preparing for New Years Eve 2000