1999 Photos

Spring 1999

At Allan & Alice’s House in Spring 1999

Thomas, Aunt Alice, Audry & Sam
Jonathan & Eric
Uncle Pat, Wes & Thomas
Thomas, Aunt Alice holding Wes, and Aunt Alane
Flower Girl at a cousin’s wedding

Grandmother Gagnon’s Funeral Memorial in May 1999

The 2 Audries

Audry’s Dance Recital in Spring 1999

Audry’s Pre-K Graduation from Kids R Kids in Norcross

Boy sitting with Audry said he would marry her
Audry’s Pre-K Teacher, Miss Anita. She was great!
Audry with the ParaPro for her Pre-K class. Another great teacher.
All together now
Back Home
Talking to GrandMom on the phone

In the Fall of 1999, After the Move to New Jersey

We need a dog to keep the house clean
Mom’s NSH Conference in Rhode Island

October 1999

Out on the deck, where we frequently ate
Riding home from somewhere
Getting Ready for Halloween
Finally gets to wear Red Power Ranger costume

At Mom’s NSH Conference in Providence RI in November 1999

Thanksgiving in Lanett Alabama 1999

Dad’s cake for finally graduating from Emory
We picked up Grandmom the night before at the airport, and rented a car to come down to Alabama
Our kids rode home with Grandfather afterwards. We met them at his house in Cleveland
At Babyland General in Cleveland, after visiting Grandfather after Thanksgiving
Another shot at Babyland General in November 1999

December 1999

Grandmom came with us to New Jersey from Georgia, and stayed all month
Christmas display at Rockaway Township govt building. Audry on Left
Not sure why top left keeps being dark
Rockaway did really well for the kids with holidays
I left out most of the bath photos, but this was too cute not to include.
Christmas program at Sunrise/Sunset Daycare. We loved that place.
Back home for weekend entertainment
Train still ran around the tree that year
A shepherd in the church Christmas program
We had a white Christmas that year
Christmas Dinner in Rockawy NJ, 1999

New Years Eve 1999

And Boy did we party!
Mom & Dad were red-faced from shoveling snow earlier in the day
Sparkling Cider