1997 Photos


School Photo Spring 1997

Hawaii Vacation 1997

On Oahu Island

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 1997
Waikiki Beach is very narrow, with lots of tourists
Audry & Mom at Waikiki. All the Japanese tourists wanted their pictures taken with Audry.
Outrigger at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 1997
View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 1997
At Pearl Harbor
Turret of Arizona at Pearl Harbor
At Brew Pub in Honolulu Harbor area after visit to Pearl Harbor Memorial
In front of the Statue of King Kamehameha at Royal Palace
Using Panoramic Camera. MariBeth is in center
Another View of the Royal Palace
Going Back to Hotel in Waikiki from Harbor Area on Trolley
Audry & Dad in the Hotel Pool
Later Pool Photo with Mom & Audry
Heading out to get a ride on a Yellow Submarine off the coast of Oahu Island
Audry & Dad on ride to Yellow Submarine
Approaching Yellow Submarine in Distance
At the Yellow Submarine with Diamond Head in Background
Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii 1997

On the Big Island of Hawaii

Mauna Loa volcano at the Volcano National Park
Mom is on left, while Audry is extreme right side of photo
The trail to the overlook near the crater.
The smell of sulfur coming from the crater was pretty overwhelming.
When Mark Twain visited in the 1870s, the crater was a lake of fire
Near the Crater
Starting to approach the eastern side of the island from the south side
Mom & Audry at the mouth of a lava tube, flowing with water
Close-up on Lava Tube
This is the eastern side of the island, lush rain forests
The Park at Hilo
Close-Up on Bridge to Park at Hilo
Near Hilo
Near Hilo
Near Hilo
New Roll of film, still near Hilo
Went back to Mauna Loa to try to see lava at night
Near Waikoloa Village, where we we staying
Trying to catch a view of the Pacific Ocean and Kīlauea Volcano looking north from Waikoloa
Viewing Kīlauea Volcano from the Waikoloa area where we were staying
At the man-made beach & lagoon at the Waikoloa Hilton. Audry is wearing the waterwings
Another photo of Audry at Waikoloa Hilton Lagoon
Watching the dolphins in the Waikoloa Hilton lagoon. You can pay to ride them
People about to ride the dolphins at the Waikoloa Hilton
At the point, looking northwest, away from the Waikoloa Hilton
More of the area around the Waikoloa Hilton
Sunset looking west across the Pacific Ocean from the black-sand beach at our resort, the Royal Waikoloan
Another sunset shot from our beach looking westward across the Pacific Ocean.
Getting Ready to go to the Luau at our hotel, the Royal Waikoloan
Another photo of Audry & Dad getting ready to go to the Luau
Mom and Audry are ready too, but photo not great
This one is better

At Home Again!

Chilling in our bottom Deck

Visiting Grandmother & Grandfather Gagnon in Cleveland

Audry in basement of Grandmother & Grandfather’s House in Cleveland
MariBeth Gives a Push
Audry & Mom swinging at Grandparents house
Using Wide Angle Camera Now
Dad & Audry in Driveway after gathering Blackberries

Family Gathering to Celebrate Grandfather Gagnon’s 75th Birthday, September 1997

Amanda, Audry & Marisa
Looks like Amy Troutman hanging upside down
Beth & MariBeth Cooking the Steaks
Wide Angle Photo of Beth & MariBeth
Amy, Audry & Marisa in upstairs spare bedroom
David & Beth cooking
Amy, Marisa, Audry & Amanda
Grandmom Curtis & Grandmother Gagnon
Aunt Frances, Grandmother Gagnon & Mom
Amanda gives Audry a ride on the swing
Using Wide Angle Photo to catch kids on play ground as gets dark