US – Michael & MariBeth & Audry & Wes

Visiting the Garrisons in Spring 1996

We visit Aunt Meg with her new baby, Savannah, at the Garrison’s House in Gainesville
Savannah taking a nap
MariBeth gets to hold Savannah
Now Mom gets to hold Audry
More Hugs for Audry
Somebody got tired
Audry plays with Cousin Marisa outside
More of Audry & Cousin Marisa
Smiling Audry
Cousin Blake Garrison
Cousin Amy Troutman joins the fun
Audry playing with Aunt Frances outside Garrison Home
Aunt Frances, Audry & Savannah playing behind the Garrison’s House
Mom, Aunt Frances, Uncle Steve and Aunt Meg at Garrison’s House

John & Phyllis Gagnon’s House in Cleveland in Spring 1996

Mom & Grandmom Visiting Uncle Joe & Aunt Janet at Grandparents house outside Cleveland, Georgia
Audry, Cousin Amy, and Uncle Joe on Grandparents deck
Close-up of Amy and Audry
Uncle Joe & his son, Cousin Eric, at Grandparents house
Aunt Frances & Uncle Steve at Grandparents house
Grandfather in his kitchen
Amy, Audry, Sam & Eric getting their dinner
More of the cousins getting dinner. Looks like Freckles the dog is there too
Grandfather is about to say grace before our meal. Grandmother to his right, then Joe’s boy Jon, then Joe, and Grandmom in front
Grandmother, Frances, Grandmom, Janet, Joe, Grandfather & Steve

Six Flags Spring 1996

Mom helps Audry Ride the Bulls at Six Flags in 1996
More Bulls!
Audry Driving a Truck at Six Flags
Back Home again
Audry shows off our deck at Downs Lane in Norcross

1996 Olympics in Atlanta

Men’s Gymnastics – We took more video than photos of the Olympics
More Gymnastics at the Georgia Dome in July 1996

Arkansas Vacation starting with Helen’s Wedding during Summer 1996

View of Lake Ouachita outside Hot Springs following attending Helen’s Wedding in Summer 1996
More of Lake Ouachita at Overview above Crystal Springs, Summer 1996
MariBeth & Audry Getting Ready to Ride the “Duck” with Grandmom at Hot Springs in Summer 1996
All of us at the Duck in Hot Springs, Summer 1996
One more of Michael, Audry and Grandmom at Duck at Hot Springs in Summer 1996
Audry Playing with a random girl at the playground at a park near Hot Springs in Summer 1996
Audry plays with her friend
Audry Clowns Around
Audry & Friend take a break
Grandmom takes a break too
Dad Chills Out too
Lake by Playground, outside Hot Springs, Summer 1996
Audry & Grandmom in Pine Bluff before Uncle Wayne’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration
The Girls are Smiling this time
Gagnon Girls in Pine Bluff with Grandmom before going to Uncle Wayne’s 50th Anniversary Celebration
All 3 of the Girls are Playing Around

Little Rock Vacation November 1996

Arkansas Riverfront, Little Rock, November 1996
Riverfront Park in Little Rock, November 1997
View Upriver from Riverfront Park, Looking at Broadway Bridge, Little Rock, November 1996
Looking across the Arkansas River at North Little Rock, from Riverfront Park, Little Rock, November 1996

Christmas Eve at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, 1996

Getting Ready for the Children’s 5 PM Service
Grandmom is ready to go too
Audry with the priests’ children waiting to enter dress rehersal as part of the Peaceable Kingdom
Audry & friends in Children’s Chapel waiting for their part in the service
Audry and Emma waiting as peaceable sheep
Audry processing into service as one of the peaceable sheep
You can kind of see Audry in the Peaceable Kingdom in front of the church


School Photo Spring 1997

Hawaii Vacation 1997

On Oahu Island

Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 1997
Waikiki Beach is very narrow, with lots of tourists
Audry & Mom at Waikiki. All the Japanese tourists wanted their pictures taken with Audry.
Outrigger at Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 1997
View of Diamond Head from Waikiki Beach, Hawaii 1997
At Pearl Harbor
Turret of Arizona at Pearl Harbor
At Brew Pub in Honolulu Harbor area after visit to Pearl Harbor Memorial
In front of the Statue of King Kamehameha at Royal Palace
Using Panoramic Camera. MariBeth is in center
Another View of the Royal Palace
Going Back to Hotel in Waikiki from Harbor Area on Trolley
Audry & Dad in the Hotel Pool
Later Pool Photo with Mom & Audry
Heading out to get a ride on a Yellow Submarine off the coast of Oahu Island
Audry & Dad on ride to Yellow Submarine
Approaching Yellow Submarine in Distance
At the Yellow Submarine with Diamond Head in Background
Honolulu Harbor, Hawaii 1997

On the Big Island of Hawaii

Mauna Loa volcano at the Volcano National Park
Mom is on left, while Audry is extreme right side of photo
The trail to the overlook near the crater.
The smell of sulfur coming from the crater was pretty overwhelming.
When Mark Twain visited in the 1870s, the crater was a lake of fire
Near the Crater
Starting to approach the eastern side of the island from the south side
Mom & Audry at the mouth of a lava tube, flowing with water
Close-up on Lava Tube
This is the eastern side of the island, lush rain forests
The Park at Hilo
Close-Up on Bridge to Park at Hilo
Near Hilo
Near Hilo
Near Hilo
New Roll of film, still near Hilo
Went back to Mauna Loa to try to see lava at night
Near Waikoloa Village, where we we staying
Trying to catch a view of the Pacific Ocean and Kīlauea Volcano looking north from Waikoloa
Viewing Kīlauea Volcano from the Waikoloa area where we were staying
At the man-made beach & lagoon at the Waikoloa Hilton. Audry is wearing the waterwings
Another photo of Audry at Waikoloa Hilton Lagoon
Watching the dolphins in the Waikoloa Hilton lagoon. You can pay to ride them
People about to ride the dolphins at the Waikoloa Hilton
At the point, looking northwest, away from the Waikoloa Hilton
More of the area around the Waikoloa Hilton
Sunset looking west across the Pacific Ocean from the black-sand beach at our resort, the Royal Waikoloan
Another sunset shot from our beach looking westward across the Pacific Ocean.
Getting Ready to go to the Luau at our hotel, the Royal Waikoloan
Another photo of Audry & Dad getting ready to go to the Luau
Mom and Audry are ready too, but photo not great
This one is better

At Home Again!

Chilling in our bottom Deck

Visiting Grandmother & Grandfather Gagnon in Cleveland

Audry in basement of Grandmother & Grandfather’s House in Cleveland
MariBeth Gives a Push
Audry & Mom swinging at Grandparents house
Using Wide Angle Camera Now
Dad & Audry in Driveway after gathering Blackberries

Family Gathering to Celebrate Grandfather Gagnon’s 75th Birthday, September 1997

Amanda, Audry & Marisa
Looks like Amy Troutman hanging upside down
Beth & MariBeth Cooking the Steaks
Wide Angle Photo of Beth & MariBeth
Amy, Audry & Marisa in upstairs spare bedroom
David & Beth cooking
Amy, Marisa, Audry & Amanda
Grandmom Curtis & Grandmother Gagnon
Aunt Frances, Grandmother Gagnon & Mom
Amanda gives Audry a ride on the swing
Using Wide Angle Photo to catch kids on play ground as gets dark


Wes is Born on May 11, 1998

Audry meets her brother for the first time

Vacation in Saint George’s Island in Florida, in June/July 1998

Getting Ready for Florida Beach Vacation after Wes was born
MariBeth gets Audry ready to go
Audry found a friend at the Plantation at St Georges Island
Audry positions Wes for photo.
Audry and Wes at the beach house. Wes is about a month old.
Audry is Queen of the Pool!
Always making friends!
Out on the Beach, Very Windy, But Wes has a tent.
Another new friend, this time at the beach.
Audry’s favorite pool toy, Sharkey, which she is sharing with a friend.
Audry, Mom & Sharkey.
We spent more time at the pool than at the beach, due to the windiness.
Uncle Allan’s Family joins us at the beach for a few days
Aunt Alice cooking
Cousin Thomas is on the left side of the photo
Cousin Thomas
Uncle Allan and Audry in Pool
Mom, Aunt Alice, Thomas, Uncle Allan & Audry
Uncle Allan & Thomas
Meanwhile, back at the Beach House later that day
Audry finishes a lap with her water wings

Wes’ Baptism in July 1998

Grandmother Gagnon holding Wes. Grandfather Gagnon right behind her
Uncle David was Wes’ godfather.
Wes had 2 godmothers: Aunt Alane & Cousin Carie
At the Church
Father Laura was the priest who baptized Wes
Cousin Amy holds Wes
Uncle Steve & Rosie
Aunt Meg & Cousin Thomas
Audry shows cousins Savannah & Marisa her room

August 1998

Many an hour were spent in this front room
Audry chills on Mom & Dad’s bed
In Wes’ Room
Audry’s best friends in the year before pre-K on the left: Griffin & Chas
Aunt Frances & Amy help Dad take Audry & Wes to a Falcon’s Preseason Game. Mom had to gone for work.
Profoundly confident, and queen of her domain
Halloween 1998
Probably around Christmas 1998


At Allan & Alice’s House in Spring 1999

Thomas, Aunt Alice, Audry & Sam
Jonathan & Eric
Uncle Pat, Wes & Thomas
Thomas, Aunt Alice holding Wes, and Aunt Alane
Flower Girl at a cousin’s wedding

Grandmother Gagnon’s Funeral Memorial in May 1999

The 2 Audries

Audry’s Dance Recital in Spring 1999

Audry’s Pre-K Graduation from Kids R Kids in Norcross

Boy sitting with Audry said he would marry her
Audry’s Pre-K Teacher, Miss Anita. She was great!
Audry with the ParaPro for her Pre-K class. Another great teacher.
All together now
Back Home
Talking to GrandMom on the phone

In the Fall of 1999, After the Move to New Jersey

We need a dog to keep the house clean
Mom’s NSH Conference in Rhode Island

October 1999

Out on the deck, where we frequently ate
Riding home from somewhere
Getting Ready for Halloween
Finally gets to wear Red Power Ranger costume

At Mom’s NSH Conference in Providence RI in November 1999

Thanksgiving in Lanett Alabama 1999

Dad’s cake for finally graduating from Emory
We picked up Grandmom the night before at the airport, and rented a car to come down to Alabama
Our kids rode home with Grandfather afterwards. We met them at his house in Cleveland
At Babyland General in Cleveland, after visiting Grandfather after Thanksgiving
Another shot at Babyland General in November 1999

December 1999

Grandmom came with us to New Jersey from Georgia, and stayed all month
Christmas display at Rockaway Township govt building. Audry on Left
Not sure why top left keeps being dark
Rockaway did really well for the kids with holidays
I left out most of the bath photos, but this was too cute not to include.
Christmas program at Sunrise/Sunset Daycare. We loved that place.
Back home for weekend entertainment
Train still ran around the tree that year
A shepherd in the church Christmas program
We had a white Christmas that year
Christmas Dinner in Rockawy NJ, 1999

New Years Eve 1999

And Boy did we party!
Mom & Dad were red-faced from shoveling snow earlier in the day
Sparkling Cider

January 2000

Getting Ready for Audry’s Birthday Party. We invited her entire Kindergarten class
The boys like Audry’s Barbie toys

Snow in New Jersey in January 2000

Sledding in the Driveway
Everybody is on the big red sled
Back inside for fun and food
203 W. Lake Shore Drive
Slippery sidewalk
Slumber Party with Mom

Spring Break at Liberty Science Center

Twin Towers behind us across NY Harbor

Spring 2000

Audry cropped from photo of entire school
Audry learns Taekwondo at Sunrise/Sunset
Wes meets the Easter Bunny
First of Several Class Photos at Sunrise/Sunset in Spring 2000
He didn’t seem to like getting his photo taken

Kindergarten Graduation in May 2000

Ms. Arico, Audry’s Kindergarten teacher, at graduation
Kindergarten Friends

Summer 2000

Father’s Day Card from Wes
Family Dining in the Driveway in July while Grandmom visited
Mom cooking on the deck. See the grill on the far side
Close-up of Mom
Same visit but during the summer carnival at the Club House. Everyone had fun!

Liberty Park, July 2000

Visiting Niagara Falls, Canada, in July 2000

Dad & Audry visit with Friends in Georgia in August 2000

while visiting Grandfather in Hospital

Audry’s Friend Griffin at Chuckie Cheese
Audry, Griffin, and Griffin’s Mom, Nina Gorolnik
Dad visits with his friend from Italy, Susanna, while taking Audry to SciTrek in Atlanta

Picnic At White Meadow Lake in August 2000

Philadelphia Vacation in August 2000

Constitution Hall
Liberty Bell
Please Touch Museum
Visiting Sesame Place on way home from Philly
Wes is enjoying Sesame Place too
Mom was at Sesame Place as well

Grandfather’s Funeral in September 2000

Aunt Audry with a Burke cousin from Alabama

Fall 2000

Official First Grade Picture
Audry on Black Bears Soccer Team, Fall 2000
At Brownies
Tries out Reptar at Sunrise/Sunset

Mike & Carrie Visit NJ in December 2000

Kids chillin downstairs watching TV after Carrie and Mike leave

Christmas Activities in December 2000

Advent Stuff
Gathered around Advent Wreath
Grandmom visits Santa with Kids

Visit to Liberty Science Center after Christmas

with neighbor kids, Alison & Jakey

Wes is crashed after all the fun.
Kids down the street had never had video in the car. Mesmerized
Preparing for New Years Eve 2000

Fun in the New-Fallen Snow on New Years Day, 2001

Close Up

Spring 2001

Wes was very mad with us. Having a fit in a box.
Happier Times

Vacation in Ottowa, Canada, April 2001

Museum of Civilization
Museum of Civilization
Museum of Civilization
Museum of Civilization
At the Chateau Laurier Hotel
Also in the hotel
At the Dog Retreat near Parliament Hill
At the Suffragists Memorial on Parliament Hill
More Suffragists at Parliament Hill

Birthday Parties at Gems Gym in June 2001

Audry’s friend Jessica in pink with Audry working on the balance beam
Audry & Jessica balancing
Wes & Mom were there too
Wes on Steps

July 2001

Wes at Sunrise/Sunset at end of school year
Wes Swimming at Sunrise/Sunset
Hanging with Friends at Sunrise/Sunset

Our visit to NYC on July 7, 2001

On the observation platform of the Empire State Building
Outside FAO Schwartz Toy Store
Playing in Central Park
Central Park
Central Park
Inside Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History

Disney World Vacation in July 2001

In front of the Castle and statues of Mickey and Walt Disney
On Main Street
Got their ears on
Dad was ugly
In Magic Kingdom
Character Breakfast in the Contemporary Hotel
Official Breakfast Portrait
Audry Close-Up from Breakfast Portrait
Entering the Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom Dinosaur Playground
Animal Kingdom Tree of Life
In front of Tree of Life
Wes worn out after day in Animal Kingdom
Riding out to Epcot on very front of Monorail
Epcot: Audry in Undersea Suit
Wes & Dad in Undersea Suit
Epcot: Norwegian Playground Ship
Epcot: Taking a break in Germany
Still in Germany
Water scenes from around Disney
Epcot Viewing Area
At Epcot Viewing Area
Outside our hotel
In front of hotel, looking out
Entering MGM Studios
Spent a lot of time on the Fire Engine at MGM
MGM Backlot Tower
P-51 Airplane from MGM Tour
MGM Bugs Life
Waiting for the Bear in the Big Blue House show to start
Even more waiting
Finally, Bear in the Big Blue House
More MGM
Buzz and Woody
Who Want’s to be a Millionaire?
Entrance to Honey, Who Shrunk the Kids? Playground
MGM: Shrunk the Kids Playground
Wes & Dad in the Playground Webbing
Waiting in Line for Tigger is when the camcorder broke
Riding front of monorail on our last day at the park
Gotta drive a car on your last day at Disney
We watch the Parade on our last day in the park
Audry joins the 7 Dwarves
Audry joins in when the parade ends
Getting Ready to go Home to New Jersey
Riding in Style to leave Disney World Behind

August 2001

Getting Dressed Up for the Weekend Entertainment
Let’s Put on a Show!

Our House in August 2001

Visiting Beach 3 in White Meadow Lake in August

Home Again

Fall 2001

Wes School Photo at Sunrise/Sunset
Audry’s Second Grade Class at Dwyer Elementary
Official 2nd Grade Photo
Dyeing Fabric
Denville Park

Halloween 2001

Getting Ready for Halloween
Wes as Reptar!
Wes with Danielle at Church during Halloween
Reptar playing with toys at Church
Audry as Harry Potter
Audry & McKenna Damato
Mom at Work
Watching TV in Mom & Dad’s Room

Thanksgiving 2001

Getting Ready for Christmas 2001

Gingerbread House Building
Pancake Breakfast with Santa at Fire Station
At Sunrise/Sunset
Singing at the Christmas Program at Sunrise/Sunset

Audry’s Birthday Party January 9, 2002

Birthday dinner with friends at Chinese Restaurant
Back Home, Opening Presents

Audry & McKenna attend Father/Daughter Dance

Girls in Conga Line
Dads join the Conga Line
McKenna and her Dad, Paul Damato
Class Photo Spring 2002

Audry goes to work with Dad at his college, Spring 2002

Official Photo at the Reception at end of Day

Trip to Baltimore in April 2002

View of Aquarium in Inner Harbor
View of the Constellation from Inner Harbor
On Submarine Bunks while on Boat Tour at Inner Harbor
On the Deck of the Cutter
On Mess Decks, Wes getting tired
Topside of Constellation
Captain’s Quarters on Constellation
View Fire Boat from Water Taxi to Fort McHenry
On Water Taxi
Dad got offer to sell our house in New Jersey while going to Fort McHenry on Water Taxi
At Fort McHenry
Coming back from Fort McHenry on Water Taxi

Washington Trip in late April 2002

At White House
Hanging out with Dad’s Friend, Eric Palladini, in Dupont Circle

At Audry’s Piano Recital in May 2002

With her piano teacher, Ms. Anita Bona
Audry’s 2nd Grade Teacher, Ms. Mulherin attends recital to hear Audry
Danielle Bona was one of Wes’ Favorites in Children’s Chapel

Wes’ Fourth Birthday Party at Fuddruckers

Tumbling Recital in May 12, 2002

At Cape May New Jersey on Memorial Day 2002

That is our hotel
It was cold & windy. We mostly played in the hotel pool.

Six Flags Fall 2002

They Moved the Bulls Indoors now

At Home in Sugar Hill, Georgia, Fall 2002

Wes Pre-K School Photo, Fall 2002
Audry 3rd Grade School Photo, Fall 2002
Audry’s Room
Wes in his bedroom
We got a dog — Jasper!
Eating at the Breakfast Bar

Christmas 2002

Wes Santa Photo at Discovery Point Pre-K

Trip to Arkansas, December 2002

With Katie Marie at Uncle Joe & Aunt Maggie’s House
Heather, Donna, Remmington, Joe Jr., and Grandmom
Uncle Roy & Grandmom
Haley & Audry & Jasper
Wes & Remmington
Mom & Cousin Daniel
Little Joe, Maggie & Grandmom
Remmy, Wes, Carrie, Audry & Mikey
Uncle Joe & Katie Marie
Mom & Daniel
Snowstorm in Wild Timber, Not Sure when. Might be December 2002

January 2003

Taking Jasper for a Walk around the Neigborhood
At Wild Timber Playground
Got our playground installed!
Jasper Bodene probably just go off the Table on the Deck
What a rascle he was!

School Photos taken in March 2003

Audry 3rd Grade School Photo, March 2003
Wes Pre-K Photo, Spring 2003

Easter Egg Hunt at Sts Mary & Martha Episcopal Church April 2003

Easter Sunday, 2003

We invited Frances & Meg to bring their families to our house for Easter
Savannah, Audry & Marisa
Cousin Blake
Aunt Meg & Cousin Amy

Trucks at Bogan Park with Wes in April 2003

Wes’ Graduation from Pre-K on May 10, 2003

Wes Birthday Party at Chuckie Cheese following Graduation

Audry Crosses Over from Brownies to Girl Scouts, May 11, 2003

Trying Out Kindergarten in May 15, 2003

Final Pre-K Photos for Wes, on May 22, 2003

Wes’ Pre-K Class at Discovery Point, Spring 2003
Close-Up of Wes with his Pre-K Teacher

Wes & Dad at Camp Mikell, Memorial Weekend 2003

Creek Hike

Swim Team, Wild Timber Team Extreme, July 2003

First Day of School in August 2003

Getting Home at the End of the Day

Family Church Portraits at Sts Mary & Martha in October 2003

Fall 2003 School Photos

Wes in Kindergarten
Audry in 4th Grade

Disney Weekend in November 2003

MariBeth had a conference at work at a hotel in Orlando across from Downtown Disney, so we flew in with her. Her luggage wound up on a crusise to the Bahamas. We spent a day in Disney and got this photo taken.

Thanksgiving 2003

Sts Mary & Martha Episcopal Church in December 2003

Children’s Choir

Experiments for School Science Fair in February 2004

Audry tests electromagnet to pick up weights
Audry’s Equipment
Batteries, Nail, Wire and BBs
Winds Wire around Nail
Picking up BBs with single battery electromagnet
Picking up BBs with 3 battery electromagnet
Wes’ equipment for measuring gas from acid/soda reaction
Wes demonstrates how the chemical reaction works
Soda goes into bottle first
Then you pour in the vinegar into the balloon
Then you attach a balloon to start the chemical reaction
First Balloon fills
Wes measure size of expanded balloon to show how much gas it contains
Wes Records his Data
Repeats proceedure with a different amount of chemicals
Measures Second Balloon
Repeats procedure again, and measures third balloon

Snow Day, March 2004

Our House on Snow Day in March 2004
Summer has joined our family by now
Wes had a great time

School Photos Spring 2004

Easter, April 11, 2004 at St Columba’s Episcopal Church

Vacation in the Bahamas in June 2004

Audry & Wes in our Room
All Inclusive Dinner at the Dining Hall
Nightly Talent Show for Kids

Swim Team June/July 2004

School Photos Fall 2004

Audry in 5th Grade
Wes in 1st Grade

September 2004

Wes in Cub Scouts in Suwanee Day Parade, Sept 18, 2004
Lost Both Front Teeth, Sept 21, 2004
Acolyte Meeting at St Columba’s
Dad Selfie, probably accidental
Selfie 2
Hiking at Wild Timber

Church Photos December 2004

Caroling with the Girl Scouts in Buford on December 12

Wes’ Christmas Party at School, December 14, 2004

Ms. Lloyd (in the black) gives instructions
Wes & Garrett at the Food Table
Making Cookies
Playing Bingo
Mrs Lloyd opens presents

Audry’s School Christmas Party on the same day

Making Snowmen
Sharice is next to Audry
Having her picture made
Making Cookies
Getting Snacks
Making Ornaments

Christmas Season at our House

Reading the Christmas Ads
View of the Tower from our Deck

Arkansas Trip in December 2004

Grandmom in her room
Visiting the Clinton Library in Little Rock
Replica of Clinton’s Oval Office
Grandmom at Carrie’s House in Little Rock
Remmington & Wes
At Carrie’s House – Grandmom & her Kids
Now we add the spouses
Grandmom & her Grandkids
Grandmom & Billy’s Family
Grandmom & Cal
Grandmom & Katie Marie
Roy at Carrie’s
Grandmom & Maggie’s Family
Grandmom & Us
Grandmom & Roy’s Family
Grandmom with her boys
Hailey & Audry with Cal
Joe Jr.
Let’s Eat!
Cal Asleep
Boys decide to play in Katie’s Room
Boyz gone Wild!