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Letter of President George H. W. Bush to Monsignor Ambrose J. Burke, 1991.

19910516 Letter of President Bush congratulating Msg Burke on 70 years as clergy.pdf

Letter of Congratulation on length of service in priesthood, sent from President George H. W. Bush to Ambrose J. Burke in 1991. On deposit at St…

Honorary Doctorate Diploma granted to Monsignor Ambrose J. Burke St Ambrose University in 1957.

Diploma - Honorary Doctorate from St Ambrose College 1957 - Msg Burke.pdf

Honorary Doctorate Diploma from St Ambrose College granted to Ambrose Burke in 1957, probably when he retired from the presidency of the college. On…

Passport of Ambrose J. Burke from 1969 while visiting South America

Passport 1969 - Msg Burke travels to South America.pdf

Passport of Ambrose J. Burke with stamps from various countries he visited in South America in 1969. On deposit at St Ambrose University Archives in…